About The Dead Blog

Thanks for stopping by the Dead Blog! I’m just getting started here and I have a huge backlog of Dead news to get to but I just wanted to start off with a little background info…

My name is Jay Gerland and I’m blogging from Buffalo, NY. I first saw the Grateful Dead at Rich Stadium on July 4, 1989 where the “Trucking Off To Buffalo” DVD was filmed. I had only started to get in to the Dead a short time before that but I have been a devoted fan ever since.

I have been blogging since 2001 about random stuff in my personal life at theblackdog.org and I put together what is still the most comprehensive research on the infamous Grateful Dead performance with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra in 1970.

With that said, I hope you come back often for the latest in Grateful Dead happenings, including all of the members, their solo projects as well as their friends, from around the Internet.


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